Market Leader
We are establishing ourselves as a market leader in the supply & maintenance of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air to water heat pump systems.
Positive Reputation
We continue to provide the high level of professional service and high quality design to our current client base as we grow our client base.
Leading Edge Technology
We consistently evaluate new products, technologies and innovative solutions that exceed client’s expectations and deliver quality and value.

Established 2012, we are proud to be recognised for the service we provide to clients over the last seven years.

Our in house design team are experienced engineering managers who have built up a reputation for supply of specified heating and cooling solutions in the most energy efficient ways possible.

We focus on the specialist knowledge required to achieve good practical selection of relevant products, calculations of projected running costs, docking with other systems and compliance with new building regulations targets.

We are interested in technological innovations and strive to provide products that reduce carbon emissions while supplying an alternative form of heating to improve energy efficiency.

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Who are we?

Environmentally Conscious

We are very conscious of the need to reduce carbon emissions and the raft of challenging legislation that is driving the demand for alternative forms of domestic heating to improve energy efficiency.


We can offer the clients reliable affordable heating and hot water to help reduce energy bills.

Advanced Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump technology has been used around the world for decades and the Ecodan range, is one of the most advanced heating systems available today.

Reduced Emmisions

Our aim is to say goodbye to oils & gas, reduced running costs for heating and water, reduced carbon emissions and thereby ensure no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

We ensure we can provide a suitable Mitsubishi Electric product for any customer, even in the most remote location of the country.