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Mitsubishi Electric / Ecodan Natural Evolution of Home Heating

Design specification
Design specification to check the site for a suitable Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air to water heat pump system, the specified size depends on the heat loss of the home.
Leading Supplier
Supply of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air to water heat pump system.
Certified Installers
Certification of Heat Pump after installation by a qualified installer.
Reliable Maintenance
Annual Maintenance by a qualified engineer on Ecodan heat pumps and cylinders.
If requested we can facilitate supply & installation of heat pump, via one of our approved installers.
We're among the best!
We are one of only ten Companies in the Country, that can offer a five year guarantee with the heat pumps we sell.

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We offer design services for sizing the most suitable heat pump for your building. We will recommend the size of the heat pump and cylinder required, along with all associated accessories. This ensures our clients get a recommendation on a system that is specifically suitable to their building.


Annual maintenance and servicing plans to maintain system in peak working order Easy payment options to ensure clients have best options available to them for maintenance of pump after installation.


We are distributors for supply of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air-to-water heat pump system for commercial & residential buildings. – once we have specified the clients requirements, we will supply the heat pump and accessories. When ordered we will give you one point of contact so you can monitor and trace delivery of the system to your site.


We issue commissioning Certificates after installation. Once the heat pump is installed, we commission same. This ensures system is installed to the specified standards and covered under the five year Mitsubishi Electric warranty.

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Verified distributors

Certified members of Mitsubishi Electric Heating Partner Programme, providing Mitsubishi backed five year warranty on all commissioned Heat Pumps.

Equipment you can trust

Heat Pumps are a renewable energy source which utilises the free energy from the air.

Design services

We offer full PI Insured design services for your heat pump requirements.


We offer annual maintenance and servicing plans to maintain system in peak working order.


We provide full commissioning and certification of the full system after installation.

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